Aboriginal diabetes Initiative

What is Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative?

The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) program delivers a range of primary prevention, screening and treatment programs.


Overall goal of ADI:

To prevent and delay diabetes and its complications in First Nation individuals, families and communities, through healthy eating, physical activity and healthy lifestyles.


ADI objectives:

  • Increase awareness of diabetes, including risk factors and complications; as well as ways to prevent diabetes.

  • Support activities targeted at healthy eating and food security.

  • Increase physical activity as a healthy living practice.

  • Increase the early detection and screening for complications of diabetes in First Nations communities.

  • Increase learning capacity to prevent and manage diabetes.


The First Nation communities of West Region Treaty  2 and 4 are encouraged to develop approaches aimed at increasing community wellness and ultimately reducing the burden of type 2 diabetes.

Community activities funded through ADI vary from one community to another.


Many programs include:

  • walking programs & challenges,

  • weight-loss clubs,

  • diabetes workshops,

  • fitness classes,

  • cooking classes,

  • kids-in-the-kitchen programs,

  • community gardens, &

  • healthy school food policies.


The ADI program also supports traditional activities:

  • traditional food harvesting, & preparation,

  • canoeing,

  • drumming,

  • dancing & traditional games.

West Region Treaty 2 & 4


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