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Health Services Advocate

What is it? 

The Health Services Integration Fund Project is an initiative of West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services whose focus will be to work towards improving health care for First Nations people. Through this initiative WRTHS has in place the Tribal Health Advocate/Liaison & Support Services Worker

How will the Advocate/Liason Worker help you? 

Through a process of being available to clients (patients) who need someone to translate, explain and support them as they seek services from the health system.

If you fell the health care system has failed you an your family in any way, you will call upon the Advocate/Liaison Worker to assist you. If the advocate/liaison worker is not able to help directly, he or she will find the person that will. 

Communication between the Regional Health Authourity (PMH), the hospitals, specialists, the client(s), home Health Centres and other parties is another priority within. 

Who will the Advocate/Liaison work with? 

It is expected that most services will be available from and through you local Health Centre, but services from the Advocate/Liaison is an extension of those services. This may be more evident as you navigate through the system. The Advocate/Liaison is an extension will work with Nurses, Doctors, Health Directors, leadership, pharmacies, and everyone else that you may see while seeking better health. 

Where is the project based? 

West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services

Unit 16 - Second Floor 

317 Main St. North 

Dauphin, Manitoba R7N 1C5


Under the guidance of the Executive Director, the Tribal Health Advocate/Liaison shall be a knowledgable resource to our First Nation community members; as well, be responsible to bridge the gaps between the Regional Health Authority(ies), WRTHS, Health Centres, FNIHB, the province an our First Nation Communities in terms of communication, advocacy and liaison. 

The Tribal Health Advocate/Liaison will be involved and focused on: 

  • Improving Communication 

  • Assessing information 

  • Addressing patients, WRTHS and WRTC communities concerns

  • Resolving difficulties, waiting issues, scheduling problems, patient rights, ER trauma

  • Directing/Navigating patients through proper resources/channels

  • Emotional Support 

  • Physician/Medical clinic/hospital issues, treatment related issues

  • Engaging with First Nation health care providers, stakeholders and develop meaningful dialogue and networks regarding culturally relevant awareness. 


Job Performance (Specific): 

  • Ensuring that the proper channels are being exercised in terms of communication between stakeholders. 

  • Increasing effective communication to ensure crucial information regarding patient/clients is being communicated and relayed. 

  • Will advocate and liaise on behalf of patients and their families with any non-medical questions/concerns regarding their healthcare. 

  • Assist community members to navigate through the health care system. 

  • Ensuring that patient and family issues / concerns are heard and addressed appropriately and immediately. 

  • Investigates and follow-up with health care providers to facilitate the resolution of issues and concerns for the purpose of maximizing patient satisfaction. 

  • Collaborate / Network with Regional Health Authority(ies) and other health care providers in accessing and receiving cultural training and awareness. 

  • Be familiar and keep abreast of the needs assessment as completed by First Nation communities fo WRTHS. 

Who is the Advocate/Liaison Worker and Contact Information of this person? 

Larry Catagas

Phone: 204-622-9400 Ext. 2243


Or contact your band office, ask for Health Portfolio. You may also get information from your Health Office. 

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