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Native Alcohol and Drug Addictions Program (NADAP)

The mandate of the NADAP Program is to assist in improving the physical, mental and social well-being of community members by providing prevention and intervention services in alcohol, drugs and other addictions. The approach is holistic and integrated, building on the theme of partnership with other programs such as Building Healthy Communities (BHC) and Brighter Futures Initiatives (BFI) and other external agencies in identifying solutions through alcohol and drug abuse counseling, cultural awareness, educational information, case management, public relations, program coordination, advocacy and referral.


The preferred term for the NADAP worker utilized by the WRTHS First Nations Health Program is Addictions Coordinator. This title clearly identifies the role of the worker as the work encompasses many other problematic areas and is not only focused on alcohol and drug abuse addictions. The WRTHS Health Program has designed the program to cover many aspects of the clients’ well being.


The Addictions Coordinator makes assessments and provides referrals to Treatment Centres or assists other medical staff in referrals to other facilities for clients at risk or in need of medical attention in relation to alcohol, drugs and other substances.


Other services available through this program include:


  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Family Therapy

  • Youth Counseling

  • Sexual Abuse Counseling

  • Domestic Abuse Counseling

  • Anger Management Programs

  • Organizing and facilitating workshops

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