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Other Programs & Services

Other Programs & Services we offer At West Region Tribal Health

Health Services Advocate, Liaison & Support

The Tribal Health Advocate/Liaison will be involved and focused on:

  • Improving communication

  • Accessing information

  • Addressing patients, WRTHS and WRTC communities’ concerns

  • Resolving difficulties, waiting issues, scheduling problems, patient rights, ER trauma

  • Directing/navigating patients through proper resources/channels

  • Emotional support

  • Physician/medical clinic/hospital issues, treatment related issues

  • Engaging with First Nation health care providers, stakeholders and develop meaningful dialogue and networks regarding culturally relevant awareness

Accreditation Support Services

We provide support to our member First Nations involved in the Accreditation Process, by providing assistance with Policy & Procedure Development. We act as a go-between the First Nation and the Accrediting body whether that be Accreditation Canada or the Canadian Accreditation Council. 

Occupational Health & Safety

We provide advisory services to First Nations in the way of policy & procedure towards prevention of harm and injury and creating a safe environment for staff and visitors.

Vision Care

West Region Tribal Health provides space to a visiting Optometrist who provides testing, and prescriptions for glasses to members of our communities on a “as required” basis, meaning a full day or two of patients needing the services. Referrals to other specialists may be made at that time by the provider.   This service may change from time to time, and requires your contacting our office to be advised of scheduled visits.  

Diabetes Integration Project


The Diabetes Integration Project or “DIP” is a mobile travelling diabetes team that was developed for  First Nations by First Nations, to improve diabetes care and support for people living with Type 2 Diabetes in First Nation Communities



What does the DIP team do?

The DIP team will discuss with you about your health and well being.  Measure weight and height, take blood pressure, check your feet and shoes do a blood test for blood sugar levels and kidney function, urine test for protein, and teach you about your results and how you can make changes to better manage your Type 2 Diabetes.  They can also make referrals to other health care providers based on your needs. See more @

Cultural Program Support


As Cultural Support Workers or Oskobewis (Helpers) for West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services, it is imperative within the work that supports are in place and provided for former Residential School Survivors and their family members living On/Off reserve while at the same time respecting all faiths within our Anishinabe communities - Traditional and Modern.  Some supports that are offered through our Cultural program are as follows:

Emotional - One on One, Elder (Male or Female) or referred to outside agency(s)

Cultural – One on One, Elder (Male or Female) presentations in a group setting; ie: Traditional Teachings, Protocols, name giving (Spirit), etc.

Traditional Healing – one on one or Gifted Traditional Healer appointment(s).

Providing information on upcoming ceremonies, training, counselling and addiction services via email, telephone, and other avenues

Notify Client(s) of our 24/7 on call cultural supports,

and finally, our utmost respect for Confidentiality.

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