dental / childrens Oral Health Initiative (cohi)

Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI)

Ultimate goals of COHI:

  • Improve oral health for children which supports the overall general health

  • Increase the number of children free of tooth decay

  • Reduce the need to use general anaesthetics for treatment of tooth decay

  • Teach and support the parent/caregiver to prevent dental disease for themselves and their children

  • Introduce children to dentistry in a positive way


Six Fundamental ideas of COHI

  1. Encourage early first dental visits

  2. Prevent and manage tooth decay

  3. Promote regular dental visits

  4. Explain the disease process -stressing the infectious nature

  5. Teach and promote the use of simple preventive techniques

  6. Develop strong partnerships within the communities to promote good oral hygiene


Who is Eligible for COHI

  • First Nations and Inuit Children age 0-7 years

  • Parents/caregivers of children age 0-7 years

  • Prenatal women


COHI Services

  1. Dental Screening

  2. Fluoride Varnish Application

  3. Sealants

  4. One-on-one education sessions on oral health self-care practices-part of every COHI interaction


What we know

  • Greater ability to prevent disease

  • Improved products with proven results

  • Less painful techniques

  • Ability to build capacity and knowledge at the community level

  • With focus on infants and young children