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Home & Community Care

To provide nursing and personal care services with respect and compassion in order to allow individual community members to remain healthy & live independently in their own homes.

Home and community Care Program will provide the following essential services:

  • Foot Care  

  • Client assessment  

  • Home care nursing

  • Home support services

  • Medical supplies/ Equipment

  • Care and support to people in their own home.

  • Home Care services can help with everyday needs such as:

  • Home visits

  • Assisting clients to get the equipment they need to make life easier and safer.

  • (Mobility aides, wheelchair, walkers and canes).

  • The WRTHS Home and Community Care Program provides services to the following:

  • Those with assesses home care needs in the community regardless of age and gender.

  • Those who have been discharged from the hospital with acute or chronic illness that require continuation of care at home.

  • Those who have disabilities requiring support for activities of daily living.

  • Those who are at the terminal stages of illness and their families who needs support.

How to Get Home Care
A nursing assessment will be completed on all client referrals related to the type of services needed.

Who Can Make a Referral
Anyone can make a referral for themselves or for another family member. Home care in turn will make a referral to other programs and services.

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