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The executive director

The Executive Director works closely with the WRTHS Health Board of Governance, Community Health Directors and with all Program Coordinators of the WRTHS.  I would like to thank the WRTHS Board of Governance for having supported the WRTHS  Health Director and the office on the following initiatives:


  1. Incorporation Process which occurred In August 2013

  2. On-going work in Accreditation– designation achieved in 2015 with 100% compliance in all programs

  3. Strategic Planning Process—having had it done in 2013

  4. 5 Year Tribal Health Plan which is our guide in our activities


Current challenges /achievements by the WRTHS Health Director are as follows:


  1. Negotiated an increase in Mental Health Counselling Services funding with two(2) additional full time staff now in place

  2. Off reserve Medical Transportation Program implemented October 31,2016

  3. Tribal Nursing Officer & Home and Community Care Coordinator to receive additional funding in 2016/17.

  4. Data Sharing Information Partnership - WRTHS and affiliated FN Communities must start collecting own data, in which it can be used to support future initiatives.

  5. Nursing Budgets to be increased in FY 2017/2018  proposal submitted in November, 2016.

  6. To continue advocating for a full time Human Resource Coordinator to assist WRTHS and work with the FN Communities.


The Executive Director will continuously advocate for new programs/initiatives that will ultimately benefit the FN Communities.

Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease a herb to cure it, and every person a mission.

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