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Indian Residential School Resolution

The West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services IRS-RHSP provides emotional and cultural support and services including health and wellness related programs to former Indian Residential School Survivors and/or Families whom reside on and off reserve.


These services are provided by Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW’s) and Cultural Support Providers (CSP’s) through a Contribution Agreement with Indigenous Services of Canada.


Our Services:

  • Access to emotional, cultural support for Former Indian Residential School (IRS) survivors and their immediate family member(s) and/or support person(s) that allows them to safely address issues related to their experiences and impacts of Indian Residential Schools

  • Provide services and support through ongoing contact and follow-up to Former IRS survivors and/or family member(s) through home visits, office visits and telephone contact

  • Provide information of other resources/supports that are available for Former IRS survivors and/or family member(s)

  • Referrals as deemed necessary to other service providers/agencies to provide additional support and services for Former IRS survivors and family member(s)

  • Work in collaboration with various organizations, First Nation communities and their members to support and assist the emotional well-being and wellness of Former IRS survivors and their family member(s)

  • Facilitate/deliver information sessions, workshops and presentations on the Indian Residential School Legacy and inter-generational impacts

  • Provide traditional healing approaches (smudging, sweat lodge, sharing circles, traditional medicines, etc.,) to Former IRS survivors and family member(s)

  • Provide non-traditional and spiritual services and support to Former IRS survivors and family member(s)


Our Dedication:

  • All information shared with the IRS-RHSW and/or Cultural Support Provider is held private and confidential

  • Information is not shared without your written consent

  • All staff of the IRS Program are committed to assisting Former IRS Survivors and/or Families on their Journey to Healing from past hurts and abuse so they can lead healthy, holistic, wholesome lives with their families

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