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Mental Wellness & Counseling Services

MENTAL Wellness


The WRTHS Health Department Counselling Services Unit provides professional  short-term Crisis Intervention Mental Health Counselling.


  • To deliver short-term crisis intervention counselling services in an effective and culturally appropriate manner to meet the needs of WRTHS First Nation community members.

  • To foster and maintain a healthy relationship with existing health service providers, network of kinship support providers and Elders in the WRTHS First Nation communities.

  • To share knowledge and understanding of health care issues with WRTHS First Nation community membership in conjunction with and support of existing health services providers, kinship support providers and Elders.


Available Counselling Services (in brief):


  • Monday to Thursday, direct counselling services available either through home visits or scheduled appointments at the respective community health centres and/or school.

  • In addition to scheduled appointments with clients, counsellors endeavour to meet whenever possible with various community health service providers in citing special care needs and follow-up visiting and/or intervention as required to clientele.

  • Additional follow-up and special advocacy on behalf of clients may require contact with external resources and/or services i.e., schools, probation services, Child and Family Services, Prairie Mountain Health (former Regional Health Authority) support staff, medical staff and correction services.

  • The West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Counselling Services Unit remains on-call during holidays and circumstances such as emergencies.

  • All client files are confidential and maintained according to strict professional guidelines.


The WRTHS Health  Counselling Services Unit’s role is to provide short-term crisis counselling intervention and is required to adhere to the Non-Insured Health Benefits mandate. As reflected in this report, the Counselling Services Staff goes beyond the mandate to meet the needs of the WRTHS First Nation communities and its membership.


The retention of long-term staff in the Counselling Services Unit provides WRTHS First Nation community membership assurance, trust and sense of confidence and certainty of the services being provided.  WRTHS Counselling Services Unit is one of the longest operating short-term counselling services program in Manitoba which signifies the program’s success.

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